About Us

Vision & Mission


Vision Statement

A dynamic institution that is the epitome of high educational standards, while advancing the work of community colleges, developing the Jamaican workforce and promoting the benefits of obtaining a Community College Education.

Mission Statement

Responding to today’s challenges, creating tomorrow’s opportunity by promoting intellectual discovery, entrepreneurial skills, social and ethical awareness, and economic opportunities for all through education that transforms lives, builds communities, and improves society locally and internationally.

Functions of the CCCJ

Regulatory Function

The CCCJ, through its regulatory function seeks to determine and implement common
standards in the Colleges to ensure the integrity of the courses from one campus to the next,
and also with the intention of addressing the need for articulation with other educational
institutions both locally and abroad. In this regard, the CCCJ:
i. prescribes the conditions under which individuals may be admitted as students of community colleges
ii. considers, recommends and approves curricula to be used in the affiliate colleges
iii. determines conditions for the holding of examinations
iv. examines and assesses the work of students in the Colleges

Promotional Function

The CCCJ’s promotional role covers:
i. advising the Minister of Education on policy and education matters relating to community colleges
ii. promoting the interests of community colleges
iii. implementing public awareness programmes relating to community colleges

Developmental Function

The CCCJ’s developmental function relates to:
i. providing professional development opportunities for members of staff of the colleges
ii. collaborating with other institutions, including institutions of further and higher learning, in the provision of educational opportunities
iii. soliciting and receiving grants, donations, prizes or gifts on behalf of community colleges, subject to the approval of the Minister of Education