Congratulations to the portmore community college for winning this year's third annual Comcol Innovation Software Devleopment competition.

ComCol Finals Featured

This year's third annual Comcol Innovation Software Development Competition Finals  held on Friday October 20th 2017 was a complete success. The final competition came down to three schools who had demonstrate the application they had developed to a panel of judges. Portmore Communty College were in high spirits being awarded first place with Browns Town Community College and Moneague Community College coming in second and third place respectively.

Portmore Community College showing judges the apps they have developed


The third annual ComCol Innovation Software Development Competition is slowly approaching its conclusion with the finals being held at the Moneague Community College on October 20 2017. We recently held our Pre-judging Competition event at the brown's town community college where several teams showed up to present what they have so far to a panel of judges similar to the finals of the competition. This gave the teams the opportunity to know what the finals competition would be like and to receive feeback from the judges about their presentation. We had teams from Brown's Town Community College, Moneague and Portmore Community College.


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