Associate in Applied Sc. In Plumbing Services and Technology

This associate degree is a 2 ½ year programme that integrates the theories and applications of today's plumbing principles, materials, technology, and installation practices with the requirements of the local and international plumbing code to prepare the graduate for entry into the field of plumbing as a junior plumber. Plumbing is one of the oldest existing trades, and one that is still (and will always be) in demand. Based on the labour statistics from 2002, an additional 110,000 Plumbers could be needed by the year 2012. In the Caribbean there is a growing demand for competent plumbers in the construction, residential/commercial building suppliers and various government agencies such as the Parish Councils and the Ministry of Labour for the Canadian Employment Program. This plumbing degree contains all of the general education core courses, technical/applied courses, and plumbing courses required to provide the learner with a comprehensive course of study designed to make the program graduate a valuable asset to the plumbing industry and to provide the graduate with a lifetime career in the trade.