Associate Degree

General Admission

For Associate Level, applicants must meet both the basic matriculation requirements as well as the programme matriculation requirements. The Programme Matriculation Requirements are specific to the particular programme of study being considered by an applicant.
1. Pass five (5) subjects in CXC/GCE O’levels including English A and Mathematics, with grades A, B or C
2. Pass five (5) subjects in CSEC/CXC, including English A and Mathematics, with Grades I, II, or III. Grade III pass must be as at June 1998.

Alternate Matriculation

1. All other equivalent qualification (s) as determined by the CCCJ.
2. Advanced Placement, for example, A Teaching Diploma.
3. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) as determined by the CCCJ:

Mature Student Entry

Applicants falling in this category must be over the age twenty five (25), with a minimum five (5) years experience in a specialized area of the industry, for e.g. Hospitality, Accounts, Construction and Information Technology. Applicants will be accepted based on the assessment of a Portfolio (to include certificates of achievement, positions held along with job descriptions and community involvement). Applicants will be assessed on an individual basis.