A.Sc. Performing Arts

Education in the Arts is not supplemental, but fundamental to the intellectual, aesthetic, and personal development of students. The arts are an integral component of all cultures, and as such, the Associate Degree in the Performing Arts programme spans three established subject areas within the faculty: dance, drama, and music studies. Whilst the programme is primarily interdisciplinary, there are opportunities to specialize in one discipline. The focus of the programme is on current and innovative interdisciplinary arts practices, at the post-secondary level and it is specifically designed to equip students with skills and knowledge applicable to a variety of performing arts employment contexts. As such graduates are equipped with firsthand experience of collaboration and self-management skills and therefore have the potential to work in a broad range of performing arts roles, organizations and environments. These include performing, creating work, arts management, entertainment management teaching, research and community work. In the programme, the Associate Degree in the Performing Arts takes into consideration both the technical, academic and artistic needs of the students. Faculty strives to provide access for all students to a diverse performing Arts experience that spans history and theory, as well as technical and performance contexts. Within the course of their studies, students will be given the opportunity to progressively learn and harness their individual skills as well as collaborative approaches to arts practices. The process involves training in the crucial aspect of Performing Arts fundamentals that is further expanded into a series of increasingly complex projects, employing various frame works. The programme also provides a good foundation for students who are desirous of articulating into a four year Fine Arts Bachelor programme or in other related fields of study.