A.Sc. in Psychology

The Associate Degree in Psychology is an introductory programme in Psychology. It focuses on the broad field of psychology to enable the graduates to understand introductory psychology principles and methodologies, which should provide them with the necessary qualifications to enter a bachelor’s degree programme in psychology once they achieve acceptable grades. It should provide graduates from the programme with enough knowledge for entry level in professions where basic psychology may be needed. These professions may include: assistants to social workers, coaches, researchers, counsellors and entry level marketers. Other professionals who may benefit from this course are police officers, prison warders, teaching assistants in private elementary and infant schools, and persons who already have qualifications in areas of business but may need a basic understanding of psychology to enhance their job functions. The course will also act as a foundation for persons who want to use the acquired qualification as a spring board to higher education such as to enter a bachelor’s degree programme at an advanced stage. However, in some institutions, some graduates from this programme may be required to do additional entry level credits where weak academic passes are obtained, or where the associate degree programme does not do a required entry level course that is needed by that institution. Applicants to the programme are required to have good analytical skills in addition to passes in required CSEC subjects. The course is a two-year programme that awards an Associate of Science Degree by the Council of Community Colleges in Jamaica.