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The Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica


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The Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica (CCCJ) is a statutory agency under the Ministry of Education, formed by an Act of Parliament, which was passed in December 2001, to supervise and coordinate the work of Community Colleges in Jamaica. The Council, which comprises members of the Colleges, representatives from other sectors of the tertiary and secondary education system, as well as members of business and industry, held its first meeting in July 2002, and established business Offices at 24, Trafalgar Road in August of the same year.

At the present time, there are eight affiliate colleges, five of them being. Community Colleges and the other three being multi-disciplinary colleges. The colleges offer programmes from the certificate, diploma, associate and baccalaureate levels as well as a number of continuing education courses.








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ComCol Hackathon | Thank You


We would like to thank Excelsior Community College, Moneague Community College and Portmore Community College for being our participants in the

 Digital Optimization Hackathon this year! We congratulate our winners and are looking forward to a BIGGER BETTER competition in our next

 Hackathon later this year.



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